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Ms. Scarlett



Impact Play

From a gentle sting to intense pain, whether for punishment or pleasure, different styles of impact play bring intensity to a session. One of my favorite forms of play, it allows me to explore my sadistic side.  I love to combine it with other forms of pain play to see how much I can make you squirm.


Let yourself go - humiliation is an intense power exchange. Give yourself over to me. In my hands you will come to know your place and you will thank me for it. Often paired with other forms of play, it is a great way to release.


In the ultimate power exchange, I know you want to give total control to me. From simple cuffs to intricate rope-work, to challenging predicaments.  Perhaps you enjoy the sensation of being mummified or being chained to the desk.  There are so many options and I enjoy getting creative.  


While often a part of humiliation, this can be an activity on its own. Feminization is easily incorporated into a session as "punishment" or "humiliation". 

For those who would like to explore feminization on its own, inquire about a session purely focused on this. Feminization only sessions allow people to explore this side of themselves in a safe environment. It can focus on education about how to embody the feminine. 

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Body Worship

From my shoes or boots, to my stockinged legs, my body is a temple, - express your devotion to me.  Kneel before me and show me that you know your place as you worship me.  


There are endless possibilities for play, from bondage to teasing to orgasm control. I want to hear about your kinks.  I truly enjoy hearing about your kinks.  I really love what I do and am passionate about giving you an experience that is enjoyable and freeing.  I especially enjoy when I can help someone explore themselves and shed their inhibitions.  

It is important for me to design a session that incorporates your desires and respects your limits. Respecting your limits and mine are critical to play that is safe and consensual. 

My limits include: No Sex, No Illegal Activity, No Scat, No Animals, No Switching, and No Public Play that others have not consented to. 

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Northern Indiana

Responses will come from the above email.  Be sure to add it to your contacts or watch for it in your spam folder.  

When submitting a request please check your spelling and grammar.  Do not use voice to text.  If I cannot read it, or if it is sloppy I will not respond.  Be polite and be thorough.  Your email is your first introduction to me, make it a good one.  

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